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Mail unwanted fruitcakes to
:2705 Fisher Rd.
Howell, MI 48855

where they will be lovingly cared for until we can find them a new home or are enjoyed by Stan -  Fruitcakes need love too!

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What is Fruitcake Rescue?

Every Christmas we hear about how fruitcakes are abused, forgotten, abandoned and unloved.  Think of all the poor fruitcakes out there, homeless and neglected.  We think we can help.  We have a guy here that LOVES fruitcake (yes, it's weird), but he can eat fruitcake day and night and never get enough.  Big fruitcakes, small, ones with those nasty green cherries - it doesn't matter, he loves them all. This is Stan the Fruitcake Man.  Stan is doing his part for unwanted fruitcakes everywhere.  He can help your unwanted fruitcake as well.

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Support Fruitcakes Worldwide

One of the oldest--and mostly widely ridiculed--Christmas traditions is the giving of that ubiquitous nut-and-dried-fruit-studded concoction known as the fruitcake. Now you can give the gift that keeps on giving without stepping foot in the kitchen or gourmet food store with this fantastic foam fruitcake--guaranteed to become a new favorite family tradition. Uniquely packaged in a loaf-shaped box, this luscious-looking, inedible loaf will make as good a gift in ten years as it does now! This uproarious kit also includes the appetizing companion volume 50 Uses for Your Fruitcake, which reveals the top 50 uses of the socially defamed taste treat, solidifying its rank as one of the all-time top gifts of the Christmas season--past, present, and future.



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