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Fruitcake care tips....

First of all fruitcakes need's not fair to keep them in your cupboard, ignored and neglected....pass the fruitcake on to someone that loves them (such as Stan).  A fruitcake is not a's a moist, living cake with feelings. 

A fruitcake must ripen and mature.  Fruitcakes are like fine wine and improve with age.  As the fruitcake matures, tannins in the dried fruits are released and the skins which contain the same ingredients as a fine red wine, create similar aromas and flavors.  The density and high sugar content of home made fruitcakes makes them impervious to most bacterial growth and spoilage. 

The process of adding alchol to fruitcakes to preserve it for posterity is called curing or feeding.  The alcohol adds moisture and flavor, minimizing the sweetness of the ingredients and bringing out an incredible flavor.  Fruitcakes typically have an unlimited shelf life, staying moist and flavorful for years.  It was customary in history, to keep the fruitcake almost a year before it was eaten during holiday festivities. 

Fruitcakes intended for long term storage are handled differently than those meant to be eaten immediately.  For long term storage you'll need a large square of cheesecloth, a square of unbleached muslin, foil, plastic wrap, and a bottle of good quality brandy, rum, bourbon, cognac, or wiskey. Soak the muslin thoroughly with the liquer until it is soaked.  Meanwhile pour a jigger of the same liquor over the fruitcake, drop at a time.  Lay out a sheet of plastic on the counter and place the soaked cheesecloth on top.  Wrap the fruitcake in successive layers of cheesecloth, muslin, plastic wrap, then aluminum foil.  Put the package in a freezer bag or airtight plastic container and store in a cool place (not the fridge). 

The best fruitcakes are ripened 4 to 6 weeks before serving. Brushing alchol on the cake during this time enhances it's flavor.  Do not apply more alchol than the cake can absorb.  Fruitcake should remain moist at all times, never let it dry out during the curing process.

A well wrapped liquor cured fruitcake kept properly will keep for months or even years.  For VERY long storage, bury the soaked fruitcake in confectioner's sugar in a tightly covered tin, and store in a cool, dark place.


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