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Efram was given a new glaze and is now a very happy fruitcake.

A very pretty fruitcake, Jolene was a mere baby when abandoned but with your help she was rescued and matured into a lovely cake.

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Mail unwanted fruitcakes to
:2705 Fisher Rd.
Howell, MI 48855

where they will be lovingly cared for until we can find them a new home or are enjoyed by Stan -  Fruitcakes need love too!

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Bob was abandoned at 1 year old.

Earl was given up to rescue at just 4 months of age

Maurey was dry and almost fruitless, but he longed for a place to belong

Sponsor a Fruitcake

Every photo shows a fruitcake that urgently needs a sponsor. Which cake will you choose to sponsor?

When you sponsor a fruitcake, you are linked with one particular fruitcake who will know your name,  and treasure the thought that you care. Your fruit cake will not lose hope because it knows you care.   If fruitcakes could write, I'm sure your fruitcake would write to you in thanks (unfortunately they don't have hands).

Change the world one fruitcake at a time.

Your contribution of just $10 a month connects your fruitcake with a loving, sponsorship program that provides:

  • Comforting liquor and storage
  • A cool dark place
  • Frosting opportunities
  • Important taste testing 
  • Most important of all, your sponsored fruitcake will be encouraged and have hope.

Start sponsoring a fruitcake today!

When you sponsor a fruitcake, you'll receive your fruitcake's photo, personal story and sponsorship packet by email in approximately 15 days.

When a fruitcake finds out it's been sponsored, the joy it feels is indescribable. Just knowing that someone cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a fruitcake will profoundly change the future for your fruitcake — and will change your own life as well.

Give a fruitcake hope for the future — and for all eternity. Sponsor a fruitcake  today!  

Martha, partially eaten and abandoned after Christmas last year, she still has not found an adoptive home

Oscar was dripping liquor and pale when abandoned last summer







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